Me holding up a basketball card
Me holding up a basketball card
© Darren Herman 2020

The Sports Card Market Is At An All-Time High; Let Me Explain What I’ve Learned Through the Lens of Digital Innovation

We probably made every mistake a rookie card collector could. We opened everything. We touched everything. We sleeved very little. Take care of edges? Oops. The double card in plastic sleeve pages. Yup. Store cards with rubber bands around them? Absolutely.

Do you know what happens on Instagram, YouTube Live, or Twitch after 9pm EST? Do you know what happens on the multitudes of message boards like Blowoutforums each day? Or the dark web of Discord and all of the card related chat rooms?

Search for “sports cards” on Google Trends as of 9/3/20

What is most interesting to me about this is how digital innovation has penetrated this entire hobby, which is now end to end digital.

© Darren Herman 2020

In order to understand the options available to you as a speculator or collector, you must understand the terminology. While this is not fully comprehensive, it’s a solid list of digital innovation at its core with a bunch of additional ingenuity.

The hobby is full swing with digital penetrating both the front end and back end of the market.


Bridging Madison Avenue with Silicon Alley/Valley (and everywhere in between)

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